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Dē Auctōre et Titulō

Dē Auctōre (About the Author)

I live in Salem, MA, teach Latin and history at Gordon College, and help run a wonderful educational nonprofit called New Hope Tutorials that provides full-year courses to home schoolers. I have a beautiful, intelligent, wise wife (and fellow blogger) and two amazing kids, with whom I try to spend as much time as possible.

Dē Titulō (About the Title)

I thought I’d add to the glut of pretentiously-titled blogs with a Latin one. The phrase Litterārum Lūmen (“the light of learning”) is taken from Cicero’s defense of the poet Archias (in ancient Latin and ancient English). The full quote is:

Sed plēnī omnēs sunt librī, plēnae sapientium vōcēs, plēna exemplōrum vetustās: quae iacērent in tenebrīs omnia, nisi litterārum lūmen accēderet. (Prō Archiā Poētā Ōrātiō 14)

But all books, all voices of the wise, and all antiquity are full of examples: which would all lie in obscurity, unless the light of learning comes to them.

This was one of the several quotations I had to memorize when I first studied this oration, and it has always stuck with me. The point, which I’m sure I’ll draw out in a blog post at some point, is that we can learn so much from the examples of those who have gone before us, and those examples come down to us in many different forms. In coming up with a title for my blog, I realized that much of my time is spent pondering the nature and practice of education and so titling it “the light of learning” seemed appropriate. With my feet in the ancient and modern worlds, the subtitle “Old and New” seemed also fitting.

Dē Linguā Latīnā (About Latin)

As for the typeface of the blog’s header, it is all in capitals to look like a Latin inscription, and there were often no spaces when writing this way (same as in many manuscripts), and a capital “U” looks like a V (and long marks are never employed with capital letters). So written out in modern script, the title and subtitle would read:

Litterārum Lumen
Antiquārum Novārumque

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