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Evernote Tags To Set Up For The Semester

September 4, 2013

When setting up your tags for the semester (I don’t recommend separate notebooks), most students will want a few basic ones:

  • [class name] (one for each class or section)
  • notes
  • assignment

I recommend against over tagging (e.g., having tags for different types of assignments, etc.). With these basics set up, everything you do for the semester can be categorized. You can then search for particular material, for instance all your class notes for a particular class (example: His121):

  • tag:His121 tag:notes

Or get rid of the tag:notes modifier and simply see everything related to that class — notes, assignments, etc. I recommend putting anything in Evernote (as a separate note) that pertains to the course, tagged with that course tag. For instance, if you get an important email from your teacher regarding an assignment that you’d want to have as part of your records for the class, throw it into Evernote and tag it with that class.

In my case as a teacher, I still have a tag for each class, and then two additional ones:

  • Lecture
  • LessonPlans

I can then see my notes or lesson plans for each of my classes, organized by date. I create saved searches so I can see the list quickly. Several days into the semester, it looks like this:


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