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Who Knew? iPhoto and Aperture Share the Same Library

January 21, 2013

ApertureI’ve used Apple’s Aperture software for a few years to manage my digital photo library, and iPhoto before that. I’ve found both to be great programs. Recently, when I “upgraded” to Mountain Lion, Aperture ceased recognizing or importing videos — a major bummer, as I take lots of short video clips of my kids. So in clicking around the Intertubes, I learned that iPhoto and Aperture share the same library.

Oh my goodness. This is huge news — it means that I can open up the same library in either application. I haven’t used iPhoto in at least three years, but it is installed standard on all Macs. So I opened it up, and BAM there was my whole library as I had left it in Aperture — all my folders, albums, etc., right there in front of me. And, much to my delight, there were all my videos. I was blown away.

So until Aperture figures out how to start understanding videos again, I may be back to using iPhoto for general management, and only switch over to the big guns when I’m doing more serious editing (if iPhoto implemented brushes, I may not need Aperture again!).


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  1. You are my favorite Genius!!!

  2. rfreed permalink

    How do you like Aperture otherwise? Worth the upgrade? I’ve been using iPhoto for several years too, with a 150gb+ library at this point. Works reasonably well, but now we’re sharing it across two users and we have to “repair permissions” all too often. Was thinking about upgrading to aperture, but it sounds like it is similarly buggy. I will continue to back up often.

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