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An iMA on iTunes?

August 4, 2012

I’ve had two seemingly disparate things on the brain recently: further academic study (no thanks to this hilarious take on grad student life posted by my buddy Abram), and iTunes (and especially  iTunesU). So I was pleasantly surprised to come across Charles Halton’s post detailing a DIY MA in Biblical Studies.

To quote the author:

Have you ever wanted to do an M.A. in Biblical Studies?  Now you can.  I’ve curated a great curriculum for you from open courses through iTunes U and university web pages…

It’s just what it sounds like — he has selected twelve top-notch courses on iTunes. All are free, and all are taught by nationally and internationally renowned faculty. I listened to two on his list last summer (NT Intro with Dale Martin and Ancient Greek History with Donald Kagan, both at Yale) and can echo his recommendations.

It amazes me not simply how much is freely available on the Intertubes, but how much high quality material there is. I have been a fan of iTunes academic podcasts and iTunesU courses for several years, and I think I should do a few posts about some of my favorites. Do you have any favorites I should check out?


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