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Look Mom, No Dictionaries!

July 24, 2012

Reading my buddy Abram’s post on using BibleWorks to generate a “reader’s version” of a Bible passage reminded me of a resource I’ve used from time to time as I work through a Latin passage. It’s a great resource developed by a fellow grad student from my time at Tufts, Lee Butterman, called NoDictionaries.

As you can see from the screen shot, the site takes a text and generates an interlinear vocabulary that can be adjusted for frequency. This adjustment slider is what makes it shine — the more you move it to the right, the more vocabulary is displayed. The reader can thus adjust its position depending on skill level and reading goals. You can also simply click on a word to display its lexical entry.

But the ability to enter any Latin author is where this site really shines (okay, it shines twice!). Many authors are already there, ready to be displayed, but you can also copy and paste any text from any site (or text that you yourself type), and it will parse it out in this same format, frequency slider and all.

I highly recommend this site for its ease of use and helpfulness when learning or reviewing a text.

One Comment
  1. This is great! They need one of these for Greek and Hebrew.

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