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Next time I do this, don’t forget…

We’ve all been there — you finish a task and want to remember to do something different next time around. Take a different route. Put something in a different order. Call that person *before* you arrive. In my case, it often means modifying something in the syllabus for the next time a run a class.

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You might have a little dial on the top of your camera with the letters PASM. Most people shoot in Auto (where the camera takes full control) or P, where you have some control over the aperture/shutter speed ratio. Try clicking over to M, or Manual mode. It means that you manually control the aperture and shutter speed, as opposed to letting the camera’s light meter figure it out for you. It is intimidating at first, but can produce great, or rather consistent results.

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Tags and Notebooks in Evernote: The Filing Cabinet Mentality

You can organize Evernote with notebooks and tags. My preferred method is highly biased in favor of tags because they are so much more flexible. A note can only exist in one notebook (mirroring a physical note that can only be in one place), but that same note can have as many tags as you’d like. It is far more flexible and allows for an essentially flat filing system. Read more…

Evernote Tags To Set Up For The Semester

When setting up your tags for the semester (I don’t recommend separate notebooks), most students will want a few basic ones:

  • [class name] (one for each class or section)
  • notes
  • assignment

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Latin Wiktionary

Thank you to my New Hope student for pointing to me this great Latin dictionary resource:

Latin Wiktionary

You can look up any word, including an inflected form, and pull up the dictionary entry and parsing. And — this is where it really shines — it includes long marks! It is going on my bookmark list for sure.

Who Knew? iPhoto and Aperture Share the Same Library

ApertureI’ve used Apple’s Aperture software for a few years to manage my digital photo library, and iPhoto before that. I’ve found both to be great programs. Recently, when I “upgraded” to Mountain Lion, Aperture ceased recognizing or importing videos — a major bummer, as I take lots of short video clips of my kids. So in clicking around the Intertubes, I learned that iPhoto and Aperture share the same library.

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Stupid Easy Portraits

The technology of photography as evolved to the point in recent years that amateurs like me can learn all kinds of things on our own by trial and error, with relatively little cost. The obvious way is simply by using digital cameras that let us instantly see our results on an LCD, and fill up memory card after memory card (and hard drive after hard drive) of awful images that help us learn.

But is it possible to learn to take professional quality or near-professional quality photos more or less on one’s own? I’m not there yet, but… Read more…


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